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Swim Smooth Swim Clinic

Learn the components of a good swim stroke

Lead by certified Swim Smooth coach Tim Tandy this clinic will involve both classroom and pool based sessions during which the following areas will be covered:


4 Hours of Swim Smooth coaching

What are the components of a good swim stroke?
Analysis of the key drills that will help to improve your stroke.
An introduction to the 'Swim Types' and how the different types of swimmer should approach their training.

Lots of Pool time

An introduction to training using critical swim speed (CSS) and how this can help you maximise your training. Other elements such as how to adapt your stroke for open water swimming.
Practical elements in the pool will include: How to perform the key drills correctly. A short css training session. Changing stroke rates. Adapting your stroke for the open water.

Diving Board

It doesn't end there.

By the end of the clinic you should have an understanding of all the elements covered. What your swim type is and what and what the key big issue with your stroke is and how to work to improve it. You will leave with a swim type training guide and a fresh determination to take your swimming to the next level.
Please bring along a couple of towels a drink and any training aids that you may have, Fins, Pull Buoy, Hand paddles.

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