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1-2-1 Video analysis

Stroke correction session

Make the change your hard work and dedication deserves by investing in our most premium and internationally acclaimed service - a private 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session with Swim Smooth Mallorca's Head Coach Tim Tandy.


Awareness is the Key

At the end of your 75 minute consultation you will not only be very familiar with the areas of your stroke that holding you back but more crucially you will be armed with a series of strategies on how to correct them.

HD video analysis

Your comprehensive video analysis consultation includes:
A complete HD video capture of your stroke from various angles. A full recording of the stroke analysis. A further video of me taking you through the live stroke correction. These will be sent to you via a private link for you to review.
A take home training plan to ensure you maximise your application of the drills for your new stroke going forwards.
During the stroke correction component I will be communicating with you through a radio assisted headset whilst you are submerged in the water.


From Kona Champs to Beginners 

This premium Swim Smooth service is valued by professionals and age groupers.
The session is suitable for any level of swimmer - from those of you learning to swim the freestyle stroke for the first time, to those looking to make those marginal gains to win races (and everywhere in between!).

You cannot undervalue how important it is to get yourself off on the right track even if you are just getting into swimming. Don't waste hours of your time thrashing up and down the pool with poor technique. Get in touch now!

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